Hiring a qualified construction claims firm can be crucial when facing legal issues during the design and construction of a project. Here are the key reasons and the 7 most common legal issues that contractors and owners may encounter:

Expertise in Claims Management:

NCD International Consulting specializes in managing and resolving disputes, bringing specific expertise to the table. They understand the complexities of construction projects and can efficiently navigate the legal landscape.

Objective Evaluation:

We provide an impartial and objective evaluation of claims, helping to avoid biases and ensuring a fair assessment of entitlement and risks.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation:

NCD International Consulting is skilled in identifying potential risks early in the project, allowing for proactive mitigation strategies. This can help prevent disputes and legal challenges from arising in the first place.

Construction Best Practice

Utilizing our experience in well versed industry best practices, ensures that the construction processes align with standards and regulations. This minimizes the likelihood of legal issues related to poor workmanship or non-compliance.

Efficient Investigation

We conduct thorough investigations into claims efficiently, saving time and resources for the legal team. Our expertise allows for a focused and targeted approach to uncovering relevant details.

7 Most Common Legal Issues in Construction:

Contract Disputes:

Issues related to contract interpretation, scope changes, and payment disputes can lead to conflicts between contractors and owners.

Schedule Delays:

Delays in project completion can result in financial losses and contractual disputes. NCD International Consulting will analyze schedule impacts and assess entitlement.

Design Errors and Omissions:

Inaccurate or incomplete designs can lead to disputes over responsibility and additional costs. Our company will assist the legal team in evaluating design-related claims.

Cost Overruns:

Disputes arise when unexpected costs occur during construction. Our firm can assess the validity of cost-related claims and help manage financial disputes

Construction Defects:

Poor workmanship, defective materials, or non-compliance with quality standards can lead to disputes. We will evaluate the extent of defects and assess liability.

Change Orders:

Changes in project scope often lead to disputes regarding the approval process and associated costs. We work with the legal team to assist in documenting and managing change orders.

Dispute Resolution:

When disputes escalate, efficient resolution becomes crucial. Our firm specializes in providing expert testimony as well as assisting in mediation, arbitration, or litigation processes to achieve a favorable outcome.

In summary, NCD contributes valuable expertise, objectivity, and efficiency in managing and resolving legal issues, ultimately helping to ensure the success of construction projects.